Let’s call it Pre-Signaling

I have a few quiet respites in my day (when I’m lucky) and tend to fill those with reading my favorite blogs from the likes of Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, David Cohen and a few others.  I enjoy the different styles and approaches each has to sharing their personal views on entrepreneurs and tech in general.  The thing that always leaves me smiling is when these authors and VCs start talking about the “gotta haves” in the universe.  I love that VCs are slow-pitching ideas for entrepreneurs to execute!  Hopefully entrepreneurs really let that sink in – that ideas are just multipliers of execution!

I wonder how powerful this kind of “pre-signaling” is in the entrepreneurial community.  It would be interesting to see the genesis of ideas that entrepreneurs are actively executing to understand what moved the needle from idea to execution (or from nothing to idea).

Execution wins, so if you have the team and you can execute, does it make sense to play in this playground where VCs say “would love to have it” and you get the chance to deliver?  If investors (some investors) wait for signaling, do entrepreneurs wait for pre-signaling?

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