How can we?

I was recently asked about the growing momentum in Buffalo, NY, specifically as it relates to the startup community.  I commented that for the first time in a long time the voices asking “how can we?” are louder than the voices saying “we can’t.” In my experience that’s an entrepreneurial battlecry, and one that often follows closely after the voices saying “we can’t.” It’s just one of those things that separates entrepreneurs from the rest of society.

Earlier today I received a link to the video below. I watched it and glowed with optimism. Not surprising were the volume of comments that panned the idea.  Frankly, I’m certain that along the way the team who created this project was given the same criticisms.  I’m thankful for teams and people like those in the video.  I’m thankful for entrepreneurs (especially those who validate).  I’m thankful that the world is still full of people who press on, who ask the simple and powerful question “How can we?”



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